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Groovin` to: Love so Sweet - Arashi


Tee Hee ^_^

Groovin` to: Rising Sun ( JAP ) - DBSK


Wow. Such beautiful weather. It makes the inside of my den look even more inviting, neh? So I spoke to my auntie today. for those who don't know, my auntie ( Dad's sister ) lives in Japan as a High School English teacher. How cool is that?! But what's embarrassing about all this is that my dad told her that the only reason that I want to go to Australia is to find an Asian husband. Um? NO! GAH! THEN he told her that I know a bit of Korean and proceeded to embarrass himself by grunting random noises that happened to sound oriental. Kill me now...

So we sold the house. ( YAY! ) I guess this means that we're moving. Ugh, and to Ridge too. The house is big, but the Suburb that it's in is kind of creepy. I call it the Wisteria Lane wanna-be. It's that freaky. On the plus side, my room is bigger. And i've already drafted a list of the poor suckers who are going to help me move. ( insert evil laugh here ) PEGGY, MARINA, JENNY, DAVE and JON. Take that bitches! Speaking of bitches, I turned into a complete and utter one yesterday. I got bored and decide to watch A Millionaire's First Love again and low and behold, guess what happened? I BAWLED. I held it off for so long but as soon as JaeJoong started Insa I died. DAMN HIM and his sexy vocals, irresistible body and large eyes. The guy.. not the song. SONGS DON'T HAVE LARGE EYES! Well.. they might.. I don't know.. ( scratches head )

Rain, Rain and more Rain.

Groovin` to: Deep Kiss - B'z

But not the sexy Rain, which would be Bi. The crappy kind that pours from the sky endlessly. Ugh, misery! I have this pain in the back of my head and it's throbbing. I think it's because Peggy kept saying, "Kioshi" over and over again which made me blush. But not the face turning red blush, the face heating up until I could fry an egg blush, because black people can't blush. HA! That's a damn urban legend. I've been told I blushed before and secretly I think that's why Peg's does this. To see if I actually do blush. Bastard. It's okay. I love her though.

Got 105 out of 100 today on our Law presentation. KICK ASS! Especially since Geoff did that hardest part. Lmao, I know some may not agree but dressing up as a prostitute, when you're a straight guy.. and asian?! Lmaooo he's a good friend. Adrian did a great job as the pimp and WES! Wes, dude, I got shivers when he flashed that ho`. Holy Mary mother of God, it was a classic.

So Monday was Peggy's birthday. ( YAY! ) She's officially 18 and i'm sorry to say that I missed the chance to flour her. She's lucky though, my whole family was waited with bated breath for the pictures... ( sigh ) I'm such a wuss. The girl carries 3 knives on her! Who does that?! PEGGY!

Saranghae P-chan and Jenny-chan! Saranghamnida!


Groovin` to: J & HowL- Perhaps Love [ Goong OST ]

Well guys, I know that they're long overdue. I'm SO very sorry. It's not that i've been very busy, I have but it seemed like every time I came on the PC, it was to watch a drama. So.. here they are. Hopefully i'll have more done next week. I know you guys are still commenting on the last batch. DBSK are cute, neh? Oh yeahhhhh.

[5]Koda Kumi
[9]Jang Woo Hyuk
[2]Yoo Chun


Sarangeengahyo Geu Dae Nah Wah Gaht Dah Myuhn Shee Jahkeen Gah YoCollapse )

Feelin` good feelin` great.

Groovin` to: La la la - Big Bang

B to the I to the G. B to that A-N-G. LOVE that song. T.O.P is effing hot man. Whoo! Yes folks, I am feeling a bit better. My glasses still aren't fixed yet because SOMEONE! ( cough ) MOM ( cough ) didn't bring them in Friday, Saturday and as of right now i'm still not sure if she brought them in today ( Sunday ). GAH!!!! Finally finished Hana Yori Dango both season 1 and 2 so if you haven't seen it... SEE IT! Oguri Shun is so handsome. ( sigh ) Why aren't there any hot Japanese guys in Canada? WHY PEGGY, WHY?! Anyways.

I'm still kind of mad as well. I hate friggin` Megaupload ( that's right , I said it ) and their damn 1 at a time rule. Bastards. After I download 1 episode of Goong, since the files is so damn big I have to wait FOUR hours to get the next episode. EH?! What's that? You want me to hijack your HQ and kill you all 1 by 1? Hmmmm, not a bad idea. Yo P-Chan! You ready for war? ( slaps on my paint )


Groovin` to: Holding back the Tears - DBSK

GAH! I HATE Friday the 13th. I'm not usually sincerely superstitious but this is just weird. This morning I broke my glasses. Yes.. my only pair. which I need to see with. Yes. I know.Can anyone tell Roshelle why she shouldn't break all the furniture in her house right now?
I need some serious therapy right now. I'm going to go listen to Epik High. Someone pray for my couch...


Groovin` to: Show me Your Love - DBSK f. Super Junior

Wow, it's certainly been a while. Happy Easter guys, hope you spent it well. So a few things have happened since the last time I promised to update. Marg took a hiatus from Paint-Pops. She made me cry with that one, especially since I read her blog everyday. How could you Marg?! Lol, kidding. She checks in once in a while so I need to be nice. =D Peggy insisted that I start updating again. I don't think it's because she likes to read my blog, but because she likes hassling me. It's okay. I love her just as much.

I'm in SO much pain today. I swear, running on Wednesdays are such a PAIN IN THE ASS! Why would an aerobics class need to run? Dammit, that's why I signed up for the class.. NO RUNNING! Damn liars...

Gah.. no homework tonight considering I had a Spanish Exam. Which I probably got bad on. I don't know what's wrong with me this year. I can't bring myself to study for anything so instead of getting an A in Spanish, i'm getting a B; Lit instead of an A i'm getting a B... - ... disgraceful.. I know. If I wasn't getting an A in aerobics i'd ask Peggy to perform ritual suicide for me.

Well that's it for now. I plan to update regularly so those of you who asctually give a damn, thank you.

ICONS Update

Groovin` to: "Heart, Mind and Soul Concert" - THSK ( DBSK )

Yes, that's right. I GROVE to concerts. What cha` gonna` do `bout it? ( angry ) ( angry ) Enough of that. I KNOW I said i'd get the whole lot of them done by Wednesday, which it still IS somewhere in the world ( authoritative ), ( falls over ) but stuff came up so ( hopefully ) they'll be done for tomorrow so you guys can have your sexy little time molesting these ( ahem ) gentlemen ( yeah right ).



Groovin` to: Head on Collision - Stevie Salas ft. Koshi Inaba

( GROAN ) Oh Vancouver, Vancouver. How fickle is your weather? I swear, only in Vancouver would it be raining for 3 days straight and then sunny. We're like England only with weirder accents and better dental hygiene. DON'T look at me like that, we all know it's true. Vancouver's legendary for it's horrible weather. BAH. So today the Pegster and I were having our daily gush on how HOT Koshi-san is. For those of us who don't know, i'm absoluetly, irrevocably in LOVE wish Koshi Inaba from the B'z. Peggy got me into him about a month ago and i've never recovered. Now Peggy, or P-Chan as I call her, is an avid B'z fan and Koshi worshiper. ANYWAYS. This brings me to my first bulliten:

B'z ICONS coming soon!

Now don't all rush out all at once. I'm only 5'3''. Black people don't ALL run fast. Where was I? Um.. oh yeah. Kay, so once again my dad called me orange. Ever since I was little i've been really curious about Asian cultures and my dad calls me orange. He claims that i'm part black, part yellow -- ORANGE. Can you believe that?! And today in Spanish I told my Fillip friend, Estephanie and guess what? When I showed her my hands, guess what color they were. You guessed it. ORANGE.


Bah. So this week there's going to be some B'z, Jang Woo Hyuk, Rain, Se7en and Koda Kumi ICONS for you guys to grab. I'm going to get started on some today so I can get them to you ( hopefully ) on Wednesday. I need to study. Tengo espanol examen manana. Yes I know they don't have the proper accents. Get over it.

Oh yeah, here's a little survey that I filled out for you guys. Just so you could learn a bit about me. I'll do some more periodically just so you guys will learn to love me more. ^_^

You're everything and that's all I ever wantedCollapse )


Groovin` to: All Rise - Blue

Here we go folks, i've got some new ICONS for ya`.

DBSK, JaeJoong, Won Bin, and Gazette. I REALLY wanted to find the clips of Ruki doing his little head-spinny thingys but.. alas.. oh well. If I do expect to see some icons on that alone! I LOVE his head-spinny part. =DV It's puring outside right now and I feel like complete and utter poop-dy-doop. Stupid HTML. The code keeps messing up you guys are missing a few of the ICONS. I'll repost those for you later. My dad's kicking me off MY computer! ( mad ) He has his laptop, my mom has hers, which MEAAAAANSSSS that the Pc is MINE! There, I said it. ( sigh )


1 for the money and the free ride, it's 2 for the lie that you denied. ALL RISE!Collapse )
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